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We do what we love, and we love what we do

As well as being highly skilled and experienced in our relative fields, with a whole track record of successful, efficient and cost-effective delivery, SWTC is more than just what ticks the right boxes; it’s a collective of like-minded, determined and passionate people who just want to get on with the job of making your projects work without any unnecessary padding. We’re no nonsense, thoughtful, creative solutions finders who love nothing more than sharing your challenges to find the best outcomes for you, for nature and the environment. We like our clients, and they tend to like us.

So, whatever your project, get in touch and see how we can help.

The SWTC Team

Image of Helen Ward

Helen Ward

Consultancy Manager, SWTC

Steph Bentham-Green

Principal Ecologist
Profile image of Robyn Ablitt

Robyn Ablitt

Senior Ecologist / Arboriculture Lead
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Hannah Bates

Senior Ecologist

Jenny Lackie

Senior Ecologist / Land Advice Lead
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Alex Zee

Ecologist / Land Management Workflow Lead
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Alfie Dickens


Adam Chambers

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Alexia Michaelides


Pelham Giddens

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Katy Collins


Kari McSherry

Assistant Ecologist

Tilly Heasman

Business Administrator

Senior Leaders

Profile image of Damien Reed

Damien Reed

Non-Executive Director, SWTC
Profile image of Peter Solly

Peter Solly

Non-Executive Director, SWTC
Profile image of Stuart McBride

Stuart McBride

Non-Executive Director, SWTC
Profile image of Malcolm Hutton

Malcolm Hutton

Non-Executive Director, SWTC
Profile image of Georgia Dent

Georgia Dent

Chief Executive Officer, SWT
Profile image of Paul Smith

Paul Smith

Director of Business Planning and Development, SWT

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